Music and Dance of the renaissance Prague

J. Regnart, Ph. de Monte, T. Arbeau, C. Negri,  F. Caroso etc.

In this programme we are devoted to Prague during the reign of Rudof II. At this time we present exclusively secular music – madrigals, songs and popular dances of the late renaissance Prague.

Cast: 8 singers, 2 dancers, 2 flutes, viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord

Programme duration: 70 minutes

With theatre and dance


The work of the moden composer Orazio Vecchi is a remarkable manifestation of the tradition Italian music theater of the late Renaissance. It is subtitled “comedia harmonica”, for which we now use the term “madrigal comedy”. The main protagonists of this genre were characters from the traditional comedia dell’arte. L’Amfiparnaso with her own scenery, costumes and author masks (Emilia Karlović) is presented in cooperation with the dancing and theatrical group En Garde! We translated the first Italian verses to madrigals into Czech and English.

Cast: 5 singers, 3 actors, reciter, viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord

Programme duration: 55 minutes

With theatre and dance

Muse of the Versailles

J. B. Lully, M. Lambert, M.-R. Delalande, A. Campra, L.-N. Clérambault etc.

Here we also cooperate with En Garde!, whose main focus is French Baroque dance. This is sensitively connected with the vocal and instrumental component in a compact author performance, which, according to the contemporary model, pays homage to Louis XIV, the “Sun King”.

 Cast: soprano, 5 dancers, flute, violin, theorbo, viola da gamba, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

With theatre and dance

Paris cries, London sings

Clément Janequin, John Dowland

We are connecting the concert of renaissance music with a live digital painting. Eight singers a capella are performing the French program chansons of Clément Janequin. In theme work as War, Bird´s song, Paris cries or so on, Janequin also uses a made-up words, sounds and interjections. Those stories of Janequin´s compositions is „telling“ Scottish painter Frances Sander right on the wall behind the singers. This project is accompanied by a drummer Jan Šikl on the improvised set of percussion. Against this specific French composer we are putting the famous autor of English renaissance John Dowland, with his melodic and melancholic songs in homophonic style.

Cast: 8 singers, drummer, painter, lighting electrician

Programme duration: 60 min

With theatre and dance