Vocal ensemble
regular and extern members

Soprano / Viktorie Dugranpere / Lada Leníčková / Alice Martini 
Alto / Michaela Králová / Zuzana Nyklová / Eliška Zajícová / Jana Boušková 
Tenore / Ondřej Benek / Ondřej Holub / Jakub Koś / Ondřej Vašata 
Basso / Václav Jeřábek / Štěpán Pokorný / Petr Svoboda/ Cody Perk 

& instrumental ensemble

Victoria Ensemble was found in September 2009 by Viktorie Dugranpere. In its initial steps there was a vocal ensemble, which performed either on its own or along with an instrumental accompaniment. The ensemble always drew attention for its uniquely dramaturgically developed performances, which were accompanied by a display of recycled baroque costumes, theatrical inputs or dance insertions. The originality of the programmes on itself is a guiding principle of the ensemble. We renew premieres of old works, draw up unusual projects and bring up compositions seldom performed or vastly forgotten. The musical taste of the previous centuries changed so fast it threw an enormous quantity of inventive authors and beautiful music into depths of oblivion. One of the goals of Victoria Ensemble is to rediscover, relive and remind of those interesting pieces. We tend highly on a sensitive approach to these works as well as an informed interpretation and practice, and nonetheless the benefit for the modern day. All the instrumentalists perform on historical instruments or their copies. They studied performing arts abroad and attended numerous workshops and courses focused on the interpretation of the Early music. They accompany in need the whole vocal body or the principal Viktorie Dugranpere as a soloist with other guests. The original non-professional vocal ensemble was disbanded. Now Victoria Vocale consists of 12 permanent members and some extern. All these professional singers are at the same time able soloists with much experience in the Early music. Victoria Ensemble in various assemblies has rehearsed and successfully performed numerous musical and musically dramatic programmes of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period. It presents itself regularly within Czech and foreign festivals and concert cycles. In April 2018 represented Victoria Ensemble Czech culture within Sharjah Heritage Days festival in United Arab Emirates.