The vocal and instrumental
Victoria Ensemble
is focused mainly on early music.
Victoria Ensemble society runs also international vocal music festival
Voices of three worlds and other musical activities of Viktorie Kaplanová.

Victoria Ensemble was found by soprano, musicologist and choirmaster Viktorie Kaplanová Dugranpere in 2016. Since then, the ensemble made its mark on the domestic professional scene. It focuses mainly on authentic interpretation of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music, which they often combine with the possibilities of today (concerts with live digital painting, original music-drama performances with a connection to the present day, etc.). The cast of ensemble is very various. Victoria Ensemble mainly performs music that has been forgotten or rarely performed, and all of their activities are based on systematic musicological research. It draw up unusual projects and crossovers and regularly gives contemporary concert premieres. The musical taste of the previous centuries changed so fast and it threw an enormous quantity of inventive authors and beautiful music into depths of oblivion. One of the goals of Victoria Ensemble is to rediscover, relive and remind of those interesting pieces. All the instrumentalists perform on historical instruments or their copies. They accompany in need the vocal body or the principal Viktorie Kaplanová as a soloist. Victoria Ensemble in various assemblies has rehearsed and successfully performed numerous musical and musically dramatic programmes. It collaborates with period dance ensembles, historical theatre and pantomime companies, and also with orchestras, conductors, contemporary composers, visual artists and designers. It presents itself regularly within Czech and foreign festivals and concert cycles. In 2020, the ensemble, together with Musica Florea orchestra, released an album of vocal-instrumental works by Czech Baroque composer Antonín Reichenauer in a world premiere (Antonín Reichenauer: Missa di Requiem). In 2023 it released album of Czech and Moravian Christmas music (Awake, Shepherds!). Both were published by Arta Music. In 2021 Victoria Ensemble founded it’s own concert season and vocal music festival Voices of three Worlds. Registered association Victoria Ensemble runs also other professional music activities of Viktorie Kaplanová.