Fatherland and God to serve
universal good preserve
with Muses in all Grace
and music and rhyme embrace
in all laudable art
elevating soul and heart
training in my own stead
is my daily job and brad.

Viktorie Kaplanová studied Church Music Choir Conducting at the Týn School under the auspices of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University (BA) and Musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University with a focus on Czech music of the 18th century (MA). She spent part of her studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, where she primarily specialised in French music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. She studied classical singing with Prof. Daniela Šounová Brouková, Prof. Jiří Kotouč and Prof. Pavla Zumrová. She has attended a number of master classes in Baroque music, opera and theatre (CZ, FR, IT, A). This passion has led her to start the Victoria Ensemble, which aims at rediscovering music lost in history and its contribution to the present day. She works with the ensemble as a solo and ensemble singer and also as its leader. As a solo singer, she is also deeply interested in art song and contemporary classical music. She is also a regular performer of French chansons and jazz (Viktorie & František Band). In 2021 she became the programme director of the Voices of Three Worlds concert season.