The vocal and instrumental
Victoria Ensemble
is focused mainly on early music.
Victoria Ensemble society runs also international vocal music festival
Voices of three worlds and other musical activities of Viktorie Kaplanová.


Angelus Domini

O. di Lasso, G. P. da Palestrina, T. L. de Victoria, W. Byrd, T. Tallis etc.

In this programme, we introduce sacred pieces by the most important composers of vocal polyphony across Europe. The concert is based on hymns, antiphons and biblical texts set to music in the 16th century, which liturgically fall into the Advent period.

Cast: 12 singers, organ 

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Advent and Christmas

Rorate coeli desuper

A. Reichenauer, G. Jacob, J. L. Oehlschlägel, A. C. Mentzel etc.

“Rorates” present a specific form of a morning Advent mass in honour of Virgin Mary, typical within the Czech environment. It’s the reason why the text of its entry antiphon “Rorate coeli desuper” was popular among the Czech composers, especially in the 18th century. In this programme we mainly present the works of less known and rediscovered Czech Baroque composers.

Cast: 4/8/12 singers, 2 horns, 2 violins, cello, double bass, organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Advent and Christmas

Old Bohemian Christmas

A. Michna, V. K. Hollan Rovenský, J. Schreier, F. X. Brixi, J. J. Ryba etc.

Christmas pastorals of Czech countryside composers from the 18th century, peaking the name of Jakub Jan Ryba, became a symbol of Czech Christmas. We accompany them with charming songs from Czech Baroque hymn books and selected parts from Czech and Moravian pastoral masses.

Cast: 4 singers, 2 violins, viola, traverso, cello, double bass, organ/ harpsichord 


Advent and Christmas