Honour to Czech patrons

vocal instrumental ensemble, 23 performers

Lent period in baroque Prague

vocal instrumental ensemble, 19 performers

Drop down breeze thee Heavens above

vocal instrumental ensemble, 17 and more performers

Darkness fell

vocal instrumental ensemble and soloists, 17 and more performers

Rudolph the Emperor`s song

vocal instrumental ensemble + ensemble of historical dances A Balli, 21 performers

A Rudolfine Prague's dream

vocal ensemble & Concerto Aventino (instrumental accompaniment), 17 and more performers

Claudio Monteverdi: Carità e cupidità

Vocal instrumental ensemble, 17 and more performers

An Italian opera in Mozart's Prague

Viktorie Dugranpere (soprano) and instrumental ensemble, 17 performers

Come to us, o Creator!

vocal ensemble with organ, 13 performers


Victoria Ensemble and non-verbal theatre En Garde!, 11 performers

Old Czech Christmas Music

vocal instrumental ensemble, 8 performers

One day the king of France

Viktorie Dugranpere and instrumental ensemble, 6 performers

Chamber music of the baroque Europe

Viktorie Dugranpere (soprano), Ondřej Holub (tenore) + recorder, harpsichord and viola da gamba, 5 and more performers

Prophecy of Prophets

vocal instrumental ensemble, 5 performers

Leçons de Ténèbres / François Couperin

two sopranos and basso continuo, 5 performers

Arias and duets from baroque operas

Viktorie Dugranpere (soprano), Monika Jägerová (mezzosoprano), Ondřej Bernovský (harpsichord)

Italian baroque cantata

Viktorie Dugranpere (soprano) and Filip Dvořák (harpsichord), 2 and more performers