The vocal and instrumental
Victoria Ensemble
led by Viktorie Kaplanova
is focused on music of the Renaissance,
Baroque and Classicism Era.


Angelus Domini

O. di Lasso, G. P. da Palestrina, T. L. de Victoria, W. Byrd, T. Tallis etc.

In this programme, we introduce sacred pieces by the most important composers of vocal polyphony across Europe. The concert is based on hymns, antiphons and biblical texts set to music in the 16th century, which liturgically fall into the Advent period.

Cast: 12 singers, organ 

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Advent and Christmas

Rorate coeli desuper

A. Reichenauer, G. Jacob, J. L. Oehlschlägel, A. C. Mentzel etc.

“Rorates” present a specific form of a morning Advent mass in honour of Virgin Mary, typical within the Czech environment. It’s the reason why the text of its entry antiphon “Rorate coeli desuper” was popular among the Czech composers, especially in the 18th century. In this programme we mainly present the works of less known and rediscovered Czech Baroque composers.

Cast: 4/8/12 singers, 2 horns, 2 violins, cello, double bass, organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Advent and Christmas

Old Bohemian Christmas

A. Michna, V. K. Hollan Rovenský, J. Schreier, F. X. Brixi, J. J. Ryba etc.

Christmas pastorals of Czech countryside composers from the 18th century, peaking the name of Jakub Jan Ryba, became a symbol of Czech Christmas. We accompany them with charming songs from Czech Baroque hymn books and selected parts from Czech and Moravian pastoral masses.

Cast: 4 singers, 2 violins, viola, traverso, cello, double bass, organ/ harpsichord 


Advent and Christmas

The Prophets have spoken

Czech Brethren hymn books of 15th and 16th century

The programme is named after Jiří Rychnovský’s four-voice song (1540-1615) and presents old Czech Reformation music. It was formed mainly in the Hussite and Czech Brethren hymnbooks, which record a gradual transition from medieval motets to vocal polyphony. We are selecting some songs from them with Advent and Christmas atmosphere.

Cast: 3 or 4 singers, flute, lute

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Advent and Christmas

Lent period in Baroque Prague

F. I. A Tůma, A. Caldara, A. Lotti, G. Jacob etc.

Before Easter, the quires of Prague’s churches resounded with a large number of works by both domestic and foreign composers connected to Prague. We chose mainly two magnificent Stabat Mater (F. I. A. Tůma, A. Caldara), but also smaller, remarkable and almost unknown works by Czech Baroque authors.

Cast: 4/8/12 singers, 2 violins, viola, trombone, cello, double bass, organ/ harpsichord

Programme duration: 70 minutes

Lent and Easter

Leçons de Ténèbres

François Couperin

Lessons of darkness was written in three parts by Couperin as liturgical music for Easter Wednesday. This liturgy began at night within the light of fifteen candles which were gradually extinguished. The texts are the Old Testament lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah over the captured and ravaged Jerusalem, being at the same time lamentations for the crucified Jesus in a transferred meaning. This sacred composition captures the last years of the reign of Louis XIV. in whose court the composer dwelled for his entire life. If an occasion arises it is possible to add instrumental compositions or a spoken word of a clergyman.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Zuzana Barochová | soprano, viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord/ organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Lent and Easter

Honour to Czech patrons

A. Michna, V. Pelikán, A. Mentzel etc.

We focus on the sacred works of early and high Baroque, which were composed to honour Czech patrons. In addition to the magnificent St. Wenceslas Mass Missa Sancti Wenceslai by Adam Michna we join Missa sancti Adalberti, whose author is the Piarist priest Vojtěch (Adalbert) Pelikán, or Litany to the Czech patrons by Antonín Celestin Mentzel.

Cast: 12 singers, 2 trumpets, 3 violins, 2 violas, cello, double bass, harpsichord/organ,

Programme duration: 80 minutes


All year sacred music

Reichenauer rediscovered

Antonín Reichenauer (1695/96-1730)

Reichenauer is undoubtedly one of the most prominent personalities of Czech Baroque music, but it has only attracted more attention in recent decades. He worked in Prague’s Malá Strana with Count Václav Morzin as a domestic composer. He wrote instrumental music for the needs of the Morzin noble band (orchestral overtures, instrumental concerts, chamber compositions); His instrumental concerts has their modern premieres in recent years. In cooperation with the Baroque Orchestra of Musica Florea under the leadership of Marek Štryncl we are now bringing a world premiere of some of Reichenauer’s sacred compositions – his offertories, Litany to the holy name of Jesus or Requiem.

Cast: 12 singers, 2 horns, 6 violins, violoncello, double bass, bassoon, organ positiv, conductor

Programme duration: 70 min

All year sacred music

Music of the Bohemian Baroque Monasteries

V. Pelikán, A. Reicheauer, G. Jacob

We begin this programme with the motet ‘Laudetur Jesus Christus’ by Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský, which is a Christian greeting put to music, and we present more of Czech sacred music of the first half of the 18th century across the lands of Bohemia. Though but a handful of our music has survived from this period, some of these authors are true masters in comparison with the high European standard. The programme comprises of pieces found in collection of Broumov, Strahov, Rajhrad monasteries and a Piarist college in Slaný.

Cast: 4/8/12 singers, 2 violins, 2 horns, violoncello, contrabass, harpsichord, organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

All year sacred music

A Rudolfine Prague's dream

As guest: Concerto Aventino, artistic leader Jakub Kydlíček

J. H. Gallus, K. Harant, C. Luython, J. Campanus, H. L. Hassler atd.

In the last third of the 16th century Prague became one of the main cultural centres of Europe. Rudolf II, who was eager to support science and culture, was surrounded by outstanding thinkers, scientists, artists, but also composers from all over Europe. Together with the instrumental ensemble Concerto Aventino, led by renowned flutist and conductor Jakub Kydlíček, we present secular and sacred music by composers connected to Mannerist Prague.

Cast: 12 singers, flute, cornett, theorbo, curtal, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

The concert hall or church as well

Claudio Monteverdi: Birth of baroque music

Selection of Monteverdi’s sacred and secular music

The personality of Claudio Monteverdi, a composer standing on the edge of traditional Renaissance style and new musical era, doesn ot have to be introduced much. He is best known to be a completeer of madrigal form and as one of the founders of the opera, who contributed significantly to the birth of the Baroque style. In the first half of the programme we present selected compositions from the collections of Selva morale e spirituale and Messa a quatro voci e Salmi. In the second half, works from the fourth and the eighth book of madrigals and from the Scherzi musicali collection.

Cast: 6 singers, flute, violin, theorbo, viola da gamba, harpsichord

Programme duration: 70 minutes


The concert hall or church as well

One day of the king of France

 A. Campra, M. P. de Montéclaire, L.-N. Clérambault etc.

How could the day of Louis XIV or his succesor look like? In this programme we present sacred music, chamber compositions, cantatas and opera arias by two generations of French Baroque composers, closely connected with the royal court.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, flute, violin, theorbo, viola da gamba, harpsichord

Program duration: 60 minutes

The concert hall or church as well

Rejoice, my heart!

J. S. Bach, A Vivaldi, B. M. Černohorský atd.

In this chamber programme we celebrate the Creator, spring and nature. We present sacred and as well secular music of culminating Baroque of the whole Europe.

Cast:  Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Jan Hádek | violin, Ondřej Šindelář | bassoon, Filip Dvořák | harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 min

The concert hall or church as well

G. F. Händel: Biblical Themes

arias from Samson, Solomon, Athalia, Belshazzar, Joshua, Messiah etc.

Georg Friedrich Händel, one of the Masters of Baroque music, is the author of an extremely large number of works, including about 25 oratorios. In this programme we present virtuoso soprano arias from oratorios mostly with Old Testament motives (can also be interpreted as themes from the Hebrew Bible). These dramatic biblical stories are told by an unconventional chamber cast.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Jiří Sycha | violin, Ondřej Bernovský | harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

The concert hall or church as well

Music and Dance of the renaissance Prague

As guest: Chorea Historica

J. Regnart, Ph. de Monte, O. di Lasso T. Arbeau. C. Negri, F. Caroso etc.

In this programme we remain devoted to Prague during the reign of Rudolf II. At this time we present exclusively the secular music – madrigals, songs and popular dances of Mannerist Prague.

Cast: 8 singers, 2 dancers, 2 flutes, viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

With theatre and dance


As guest: Teatro Comico

Orazio Vecchi (1550–1605)

The work of the Modena composer Orazio Vecchi is a remarkable manifestation of the traditional Italian music theatre of the late Renaissance. It is subtitled “comedia harmonica”, for which we now use the term “madrigal comedy”. The main protagonists of this genre were the characters from the traditional commedia dell’ arte. L’Amfiparnaso with its own scenery, costumes and authorial masks is presented in cooperation with the theatre company Teatro Comico. We offer the initial madrigal verses in original Italian or Czech and English translations.

Cast: 5 singers, 4 actors,  viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

With theatre and dance

The Muse of Versailles

As guest: En Garde!

J. B. Lully, M. Lambert, M.-R. Delalande, A. Campra, L.-N. Clérambault etc.

Here we cooperate with En Garde!, whose main focus is French Baroque dance which is sensitively connected with the vocal and instrumental component in a compact authorial performance which according to the contemporary model, pays homage to Louis XIV, the “Sun King”.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, 5 dancers, flute, violin, theorbo, viola da gamba, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

With theatre and dance

The Rush of Paris, The Song of London

Clément Janequin, John Dowland

We are connecting the concert of renaissance music with live digital painting. Eight singers a capella are performing Clément Janequin’s French program chansons where themes like: War, Bird´s song, rush of Paris etc., are compiled using existing and made-up words, sounds and interjections. Those stories of Janequin´s compositions are ‘told’ by Scottish painter Frances Sander right upon the wall behind the singers. This project is accompanied by a drummer Jan Šikl on the improvised set of percussion. Opposite to this specific French composer we are putting the famous author of the English renaissance John Dowland, with his melodic and melancholic songs.

Cast: 8 singers, Jan Šikl | percussion, Frances Sander | live videomapping

Programme duration: 60 min

With theatre and dance

Rococo Opera in Prague Kotzen Theatre

Ch. W. Gluck, A. Rutini, F. Zoppis, D. Fischietti, B. Galuppi etc.

In 1750s the impresario of Prague Kotzen Theatre was G.B. Locatelli. Thanks to his taste and abilities the thrilled Prague audience had an opportunity to hear the greatest opera hits of all Europe performed by the top Italian singers. A variety of arias and duets from serious and comic operas are here presented in contemporary world premieres.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Monika Jägerová | alto, Jaromír Nosek | basso

two oboes, two horns, two violins, viola, violoncello, bassoon, double bass, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes


Opera and chamber music

Italian opera in Mozart's Prague

J. G. Naumann, P. Anfossi, F. Zannetti, G. Gazzaniga, D. Cimarosa etc.

This programme presents the rich world of Italian opera, specifically the genre of the opera buffa (or dramma giocoso). Selected arias of various characters come from operas that were mostly performed on the stage of Thun or Nostic theatre in the 1780s and 1790s. We present most of them in contemporary world premieres.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, 5 violins, 3 violas, 2 horns, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, cello, double bass, harpsichord (or fortepiano)

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Opera and chamber music

Baroque Europe

 J. S. Bach. F. Corradini, M. Lambert etc.

Chamber music of the whole baroque Europe – cantatas, songs, airs and duets of the prominent Italian, German, English, Spanish and French composers celebrating love and nature above all.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Ondřej Holub | tenore, recorder, violin, bassoon, viola da gamba, harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 min

Opera and chamber music

Pearls of Baroque opera

A. Vivaldi, N. Porpora, G. Bononcini etc.

Here we present a selection of Italian operas by most important Baroque composers accompanied by a harpsichord. These are lyrical and coloratura arias for soprano, alto arias (which at their time belonged mainly to castrates) and also love duets.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Monika Jägerová | alto, Ondřej Bernovský/harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Opera and chamber music

Italian baroque cantata

G. Carissimi, A. Scarlatti, G. F. Händel

The pillars of our programme are three extensive secular cantatas of the various eras of the baroque period, two of which represent the tragic stories of strong women – Mary Stuart (G. Carissimi) and Lucrezia of Rome (A. Scarlatti). The third one is a lyric contemplation of nature, hope and love. It is recommended to project subtitles during this show. It is also possible to add live videomapping.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Filip Dvořák | harpsichord

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Opera and chamber music

Baroque Italy in arias and songs

B. Strozzi, C. Monteverdi, G. Frescobaldi, G. F. Händel, etc.

This programme presents shorter compositions for soprano and basso continuo. It focuses on early and culminating baroque of the main Italian cultural centres of its age. You can enjoy adorable love songs of the Venice feminine composer Barbara Strozzi and some other compositions of her predecessors and successors.

Cast: Viktorie Kaplanová | soprano, Filip Dvořák | harpsichord, Jakub Michl | viola da gamba

Opera and chamber music