Lent period in Baroque Prague

F. I. A Tůma, A. Caldara, A. Lotti, G. Jacob etc.

Before Easter, the barks of Prague’s churches were resounded with a large number of works by both domestic and foreign composers who were connected with Prague. We chose mainly two magnificent Stabat Mater (F. I. A. Tůma, A. Caldara), but also smaller, remarkable and almost unknown works by Czech Baroque authors.

Cast: 4/8/12 singers, 2 violins, viola, trombone, cello, double bass, organ/ harpsichord

Programme duration: 70 minutes

Lent and Easter

Darkness has become

Renewed premiere of works by A. C. Mentzel (1684-1740),

The Broumov Monastery was one of the most important music centers of the Czech lands in 18thcentury. As a teacher and regenschori worked here all his life Anton Celestin Mentzel, whose compositions we present in this programme as world premiere. There will also be Lent works by Gunther Jacob, a Benedictine priest and Mentzel’s contemporary, some of which have been preserved in the Broumov music collection.

Cast: 4/ 8/ 12 singers, 2 horns, 2 violins, cello, double bass, organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Lent and Easter

Leçons de Ténèbres

François Couperin

“A dark hours” were written in three parts by Couperin as liturgical music for a Easter Wednesday. This liturgy began at night, in the light of fifteen candles that were gradually extinguished. The text is the Old Testament lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah over the captured and ravaged Jerusalem, which in their devolved meaning also mean lamentation over the crucified Jesus. This ecclesiastical composition captures the last years of the reign of Louis XIV. The parts of the hours are interspersed with Couperin’s compositions for harpsichord and suites for viola da gamba by Marin Marais, also the court composer of the “Sun King”.

Cast: 2 sopranos, viola da gamba, theorbo, harpsichord/ organ

Programme duration: 60 minutes

Lent and Easter